Are you wondering where God is in a world that is in chaos?

These Google searches show that you are not alone! (#1 Google Searched) What is the Bible? Who is Jesus? What is the church? Who is God? What is a Christian? What is Heaven? What is sin? What is hell? What is the gospel? What is salvation? What is prayer? What does God look like? What is the fear of God? Why Does God…Why does God test us? Why does God hate me? Why does God love me? Why does God allow pain and suffering? Why does God want us to worship him?
Does God…?These Google searches reveal our shared humanity’s longing for love—matched with efforts to comprehend God’s love. Every day sudden and tragic events happen that changes people’s lives. We experience many emotions and struggle to carry-on living. I can sincerely say, “I do not know how you feel or have any solutions but have compassion for you. Every person finds an individual way coping with life’s problems. My hope is that something on this website, will provide resources to take that first step when we do not know where to start. Many times, you’re on your own asking,” What do I do next?”

Life’s Big Questions – People are searching for God!

Who can you trust? Which religion is right? Know this as you search:  Religion is our attempt  to do something, follow rules, or perform ritual to earn favor with a higher power or identity. Christianity.is the only faith, that God extends grace, mercy and forgiveness freely!  The television show, “God Friended Me ” had 11 million viewers. It is a clever idea to get people thinking. This website is to provide resources to help you accept God’s friend request.  Are you looking for answers for the following questions:
What is the meaning of life? Is there a God who cares and loves me? Why does God allow bad things to happen to people? Did I do something wrong, and this bad thing happened?
What happens when someone dies? Is there a real heaven and hell? How do I know where I go when I die? I have heard of Jesus Christ, and his name. What is the truth about him? Take fifteen minutes of audio to hear the answers to these questions! (Voice recording by  my brother Todd Lampe )